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81-Year-Old Woman Chases Robber in Cromwell



    81-Year-Old Woman Chases Purse Snatcher

    81-year-old Violet Mackiewicz was finishing up mailing a few bills at the Cromwell Post office when a man reached into her car, grabbed her purse and took off. Violet yelled at him, then got out of her vehicle and gave chase. (Published Friday, April 5, 2013)

    She's 81 years old and her age didn't get in the way of fighting back a thief.

    Violet Mackiewicz had a robber reach into her car on Wednesday and grab her purse. Her next instinct was to chase after him. The incident happened outside the Cromwell Post Office on Main Street.

    "I'm going to be 82 next month. I said oh my god I'm running," said Mackiewicz, who was walking to her car in the parking lot.

    "I think I look like an easy target. Little old lady. Who knows? He doesn't know me though. What I'm capable of."

    Mackiewicz had driven to the post office to pay her bills when a man lunged into her car and said "..Don't talk lady. Don't do anything maam and then he grabbed my pocketbook and he ran."

    Violet says she sat in shock and screamed for a moment but then she took action.

    "I ran after him. I didn't know I could run," Mackiewicz added, saying the man was too fast. "I don't know. I thought maybe I could catch the car or something."

    But she did manage to get a look at him and his black car before calling Cromwell police. She describes him as clean shaven and in his mid 30s. She says her biggest concern at the time was "my glasses. I said I need my glasses."

    "It does happen occasionally but not a lot," said Lou Tobias of Cromwell Police, who say that these types of crimes are more common in shopping plazas; and what Violet did isn't necessarily a good idea.

    "I certainly wouldn't recommend chasing after him. I don't know what she would have done if she had actually caught him."

    Mackiewicz says she was still shaken up last night and didn't fall asleep until 6 this morning. But now that she's gotten her license and check book back, "Next week I will have forgotten all about it. Life goes on right."

    Mackiewicz says the robber got away with a couple hundred dollars of cash.

    Anyone who witnessed the incident is urged to contact Cromwell police at 860-635-2256.