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A Fist for His Dollar

Apparently, $1 didn't make his day



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    FILE IMAGE: Elgin police had their hands full Thanksgiving day when a drunk guy fought with eight officers inside the jail.

    Donating to the homeless is an admirable way to make an impression and leaves good Samaritans with a heartwarming feeling but a Bay Area man is feeling an impact of a whole different kind after his random act of kindness.

    A 22-year-old San Rafael man who gave a dollar to a man asking for handouts last week didn't get so much as a thank you. Instead, the man asking for cash allegedly gave the donor a knuckle sandwich.

    The beggar was not happy with the low sum he had been given, police said, and punched the donor in the face, telling him "One dollar is of no use to me. Give me five or six dollars," according to the Marin IJ.

    Police arrested Alex Lopez-Gonzalez, a 25-year-old San Rafael resident. He's also being held on a federal immigration hold while investigators look into his citizenship status.

    Lopez-Gonzalez will now have to warm up his alleged punching arm if he expects handouts to pay for his bail of $35,000.