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Hot Aussie Wants to Return Mystery Man's Tuxedo Jacket



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    Heidi Clarke
    Is this your jacket?

    A 24-year-old Australian woman, armed with a YouTube account, is in search of her Prince Charming. Instead of a glass slipper, this woman's sole lead is a left-behind tuxedo jacket.

    Heidi Clarke, of Elizabeth Bay, NSW, Australia, says in her video she experienced a "connection" with a mystery man at a cafe after their orders got mixed up.

    "I met this guy a couple of days ago in cafe, and ya, we only spoke for a few minutes, but I don't know, I can't stop thinking about him basically," Clarke says in her video.

    And for the record, she makes it clear she is not a stalker and not crazy.

    But, c'mon.

    With lonelygirl15 still fresh in our minds, can we ever really trust drama that unfolds on YouTube?

    Is this a real plea for romance?

    ...or are we at episode one of a viral drama that will give this cute wannabe-starlet 15 minutes of Web fame?

    Either way, it's a dose of reality drama that can tide you over while you wait for new episode of The Hills.

    So, if "you're about 6 feet tall, toned and hot," there's an Aussie waiting to return your jacket and "maybe have a small chat," according to her Web site.

    The jacket is size 42, with light gray stripes on the interior and three buttons on the pocket.


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