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Billion-Dollar Home Empty Because Owner Thinks it's Bad Luck

Most expensive home in the world has a bad vibe



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    Mukesh Ambani owns a $1 billion home,but he won't move in.

    It's the world's most expensive home, but it sits empty - because it's billionaire owner thinks it has a bad vibe.

    The home built by India's richest man, Mukesh Ambani, is a 27-story tower in Mumbai called Antilla that cost $1 billion to build. But Ambani, whose $27 billion fortune puts him in the top 10 wealthiest people in the world, won't move in because the lavish home lacks the right vastu shastra - an obscure Hindu version of feng shui, according to the Daily Mail.

    The building has three helipads, six floors of parking and a series of floating gardens. Film screenings have been staged in its state-of-the-art theatre and dinners held in its grand ballroom. But every night, Ambani, his wife and their two kids return to their old house to sleep. The reason: Under Vastu, which guides Hindu temple architecture, bedrooms must allow inhabitants to soak up the morning sun. Antilla's eastern side just doesn't seem to have enough windows.

    Ambani's Reliance Industries is mainly an oil and gas company, and was founded by his father in the 1960s. It is one of the world's biggest companies. Company spokesman Tushar Pania declined to answer questions about why the tycoon stays clear of his dream home.

    The home has been controversial in India, where it is seen as a vulgar display of greed in a country where most people live in abject poverty.