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Bling in the Mouth, Slug in the Leg



    Bling in the Mouth, Slug in the Leg
    Troy Holden, Flickr
    Gold and jewels in the mouth can lead to injury elsewhere.

    It's a crime reminiscent of the 90s when kids were being targeted because of their footwear. Only this time, it involved the opposite end of the body.

    A man with a mouth full of bling was the victim of jealous robbers who shot him in the leg because of what was in his mouth. Two men tried to rob the victim as he walked down a Richmond, Calif. street around 8:30 Wednesday night, police said.

    The two bling-seeking bandits were wearing hoodies and were likely after the victim's gold grill, police said.

    He was able to get to a hospital on his own. His injuries are not life-threatening.

    Photo from Troy Holden, via Flickr

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