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Charlie Sheen's Hallucination: He Is Brian Wilson



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    Charlie Sheen and Brian Wilson together.

    Have Brian Wilson and Charlie Sheen ever been seen together? Yes and TMZ has the video to prove it.

    But that doesn't mean that the troubled actor and the colorful Giants' closer aren't the same person.

    Less than a week after flying Wilson to Los Angeles to talk about Sheen working on another "Major League" movie, the actor has gone on the offensive against his CBS bosses who have put his show on permanent hiatus.

    While Sheen makes the media rounds to get his side of the story out there -- and rip on his bosses -- the actor seems to have taken on the persona of Wilson.

    Need proof? Listen to this interview that Sheen did with Dan Patrick about two weeks.

    There are flashes of Wilson's unique speaking style, namely the "bring it" a little over one minute in. But for the most part Sheen sounds like he has for years.

    Now check out this infamous Brian Wilson interview and note the speaking style before we listen to how Sheen sounds today.

    Fast forward to Sheen's first public interview after his meeting with Wilson and listen for yourself. Hear anything that sounds familiar?

    Need more proof? Check out Sheen's appearances on the national morning shows Monday.

    Could the actor just be pulling a Joaquin Phoenix fastball on everyone while he guns for a contract from HBO? Is he not as rehabbed as he claims? Or has the Machine entangled Sheen in the trenches of the Beard?

    Who knows. But Sheen is not shy to talk about how big a fan of Wilson's he is. And he has taken to wearing a Giants hat, the sign of the ultimate "winner."