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Dallas Kitty Accidently Shipped to Illinois



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    Cody the cat is back home in Dallas.

    That’s not a litter box, Cody.

    A curious 2-year-old cat from Dallas climbed into a box full of medical equipment just before it was sealed and shipped off to an Illinois company.

    “We arranged the foam and then we walked off [to] find a label... so I’m thinking he must have gotten in there then,” Marie Webster who runs the Texas-based Chiro Design Group  told the Northwest Herald. “I’m sure he was completely panicked.”

    Luckily the folks at Chiro One Wellness Center opened the box right away.

    Thibault Camus/AFP/Getty Images

    “We opened it up and we found cat hair on the merchandise,” clinic director Brett St. Aubin said. “And [then] I saw the cat. I quickly closed the box back up.”

    “[Cody] was in shock, but well-behaved,” St. Aubin said.

    The clinic called a number on the kitty's tag and spoke withWebster to let her know they had her cat. She wasn't surprised by the news.

    “He’s gotten lost before,” she said, “so I knew he probably wouldn’t get hurt.”

    Yesterday Cody hopped a United Airlines flight back home.