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Aggressive Deer Storm Into Maryland Home

Deer rampages through house



    Deer Stampede Into Home

    A Damascus man gets a shocking visit from two deer who slammed straight through his front door. The outcome was deadly. (Published Tuesday, March 9, 2010)

    “Suddenly there was a sound that was so big, so thunderous, that my first reaction was that our roof probably collapsed,” Patrick Puglisi said.

    But it wasn’t the roof. It was the wooden front door of his Damascus, Md., home after two deer charged through it.

    Puglisi, who works at WTOP radio, still can’t believe how his Sunday afternoon at home with his wife was dramatically interrupted.

    “They initially came through the front door like a SWAT team,” Puglisi said. “I mean, that door was bolted shut, and glass went everywhere, wood shards went everywhere.”

    One deer was injured by the impact and got stuck in the doorway. But the other went on a rampage, Puglisi said, charging through the kitchen, breaking everything in sight.

    To prevent the deer from destroying the rest of his house, Puglisi closed the doors to his living room and then slowly, with the deer standing in front of him, crept over and opened the outside door.

    But the deer still didn’t want to leave. So Puglisi quickly hustled around the kitchen, positioned himself behind a shield (a table), and faced off with the deer one on one.

    “I looked like a Roman legion. I had this shield,” said Puglisi. “I got the door open and I was able to corral the deer out the door.”

    So how could something like this happen? Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources said the deer were probably spooked by something, then saw their reflection in the glass and charged the door.

    Puglisi and his wife still have some cleanup to do, but despite the mess, they’re thankful because it could have been worse.

    “Nobody was hurt, and we did have damage, but we do have insurance,” said Puglisi. “But I do feel bad that poor deer was injured so bad. Fortunately the police officer removed the deer from the house and then was able to euthanize it and put it out of its misery.”