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Dog's Instincts Send Her Bolting Before Quake

Camera captures dog running off seconds before 6.5 quake



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    Sophie is somewhat relaxed before the 6.5 quake rattles Humboldt County.

    If ever you wondered about whether animals can sense earthquakes before they hit, here's video proof that might confirm the theory.

    Aftershocks are a still a big concern in the Northern California region two days after a 6.5 magnitude quake caused millions of dollars of property damage in Humboldt County.

    Cameras captured the quake but one particular piece of footage is getting a lot of attention. Scroll down and check out the clip from a security camera at the the Times Standard in Eureka. It shows a dog named Sophie who appears to feel the earthquake before it hits.

    The Labrador is lying on the floor just hanging out in the newsroom. She sniffs the floor a bit then she hops up and bolts across the room and out of frame.

    A few seconds later, the camera shakes as the quake rocks the building. The shot then shows drawers sliding out and debris dropping from the ceiling as people run from the room.

    Sophie did a lap around the room trying to find her owner. They both made it out of the building safely.