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Golf Groundskeeper Finds 10-pound Mammoth Tooth

Recent high school grad puts science lessons to good use



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    A mammoth tooth like the one found on the links.

    Don't ever say that high school science classes aren't applicable to the real world. 

    Patrick Walker, a recent graduate of Lakewood High School near Grand Rapids, Michigan recently unearthed a 10-pound mammoth tooth on  the golf course where he works as groundskeeper. He credits paying attention in science classes for not backing down when his boss initially dismissed his find. 

    "Mr. (Douglas) Schmuck always told us to keep your eyes open, you never know what you'll find," Walker told The Grand Rapids Press.  "He's into archeology and taught us about that kind of good stuff."

    The golf course's owner, Dixie Riley, eventually got in touch with the University of Michigan's Museum of Paleontology. A research assistant drove out to the links and confirmed the tooth belonged to a 2-ton young adult or female mammoth that lived 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. No word on whether the university will hire Patrick Walker to continue scouring the course for prehistoric beasts.

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