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Daily, Groupon-Style Marijuana Deals



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    Looking to stretch your medical marijuana budget? Maybe you're looking to branch out by trying a new strain? Sign up for weedmaps.com's new GroupOn-clone, Daily Deals.

    Daily Deals use the same model that Chicago-based GroupOn uses to peddle reduced-price spa sessions or two-for-one brunch deals.

    Just drop your email address into their (most likely secure) database, submit and wait for the munchies coupons. Patients can also get text-version coupons, but that's not nearly as fun, right?

    The deal for the Bay Area on Monday was where the dispensary paid the tax on any purchase. (LA is still sorting out its taxation of dispensaries system -- showing once again how the Bay is ahead of the legalization curve.)

    The Daily Deals is national, but it's based in California -- so patients from Maine to Hawaii can now medicate on the cheap thanks to the "individual freedom and personal liberty" movement started on the Left Coast. 

    Weedmaps offers many services to its opt-in users: dispensary locator, social networking, daily prizes, delivery-service listings and weed porn -- tarted-up photos of user's favorite buds.