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LA Ministers to Spread Gospel of Digital TV

The feds call on L.A. religious leaders to spread the word of television conversion



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    The FCC is asking Los Angeles ministers to convert people — to digital television.

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    Federal officials in charge of this summer's conversion from analog to digital televisions are calling on Los Angeles ministers to help church-goers deal with the change, the Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday.

    Analog television owners must purchase a converter box in order to convert their antenna set to the new digital mode, and Federal Communications Commission staffers are asking religious leaders to spread the word as part of their sermons.

    "We need people to take up leadership in their community and make sure nobody gets left out in the switch," FCC Commissioner Jonathan S. Adelstein said at a Baptist church in South L.A.

    "Churches already have the infrastructure in place to do that."

    Adelstein on Monday asked the Baptist Ministries Conference of Los Angeles to begin dispensing information about the June 12 conversion during their church services. He and other FCC officers have toured the greater L.A. area for the past week, showing residents how to purchase and hook up converter boxes.

    Los Angeles County has the largest number of "over-the-air" — antenna TV — viewers in the country, Adelstein told the Times.

    "It's sort of an ad-hoc approach to handling this situation, but the next four months will fly by and we need to be ready," he said.

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