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Air Head Pilot Accidentally Hits Panic Button

Pilot mistakenly hits the panic button and all hell breaks loose



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    Authorities stormed the tarmac and boarded an American Airlines plane with guns drawn, kinda like this South Korean Special Weapons and Tactics team.

    Nothing says “Welcome to Miami” like an unfriendly welcoming party of men with assault rifles and military body armor.

    Wanna Get Away?

    Just ask the 148 passengers of American Airlines flight 535, who can thank their pilot for mistakenly signaling to Miami International Airport authorities the plane was being hijacked on Monday.

    The pilot had a Southwest “Wanna get away?” moment around 1:42 p.m. when he mistakenly hit the button that tells authorities to come to the rescue of a plane in distress.

    You’d think they would keep the “I’m being hijacked at gunpoint. Please help!” button a little further away from the “Buckle your seatbelt” alert.

    In an instant, FBI and Miami-Dade authorities stormed the tarmac and boarded the plane with guns drawn. Frightened passengers were told to keep quiet and put their hands in the air while authorities searched the plane for the imaginary hijacker.

    The flight was coming from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    Eventually, the pilot and the crew were able to convince the FBI that it was just a false alarm and there was no need for a rescue.

    Passengers received a “my bad” and a whale of a tale to take back to San Juan.