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Man on Late-Night Bathroom Run Finds Python on Toilet Seat

Canadian man freaked out by three-foor snake



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    A python on your toilet may help you decide you don't need to go after all.

    A Toronto man made a late-night trip to the loo and found a python curled up on his toilet.

    Ramdat Punwassie went into the bathroom of his apartment around 10 p.m. and immediately saw the three-foot snake, slammed the door shut and called 911, according to The Toronto Star. When cops came, they found the snake in the bathtub.

    “You can’t take a chance, it could bite me, it could be poisonous,” he said.

    Punwassie believes the snake came in through the toilet and pushed up the lid, which he said is normally closed.

    “It was big and strong. It looked like the kind of snake you see in Indian movies,” said Punwassie. “I kept far from it because you can’t take chances.”

    In a strange coincidence, police had responded to a similar report less than a block away and only a few hours earlier. In that incident, a corn snake was found in an apartment.

    “I guess it’s getting cold, so the snakes are coming in,” Sgt. Bradley Fisher told the paper. “They’ve decided they’re not gonna stay in the walls.”

    Authorities said both snakes were probably pets that were set free. Cops put the python in a pillow case and handed it over to animal services, according to the National Post. The corn snake was sent to a nearby zoo.

    Punwassie said the night-time encounter won't leave him with a fear of gong to the bathroom.

    “I have been here for 10 years and haven’t ever seen a pest before," he said. "I’m not moving out.”