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Man Ordered to Dance “Moonwalk” at Gunpoint, Police Say

Idaho man faces felony assault charge



    Better Sleep = Better Grades
    It's unclear if the man was forced to do a dance, on the floor, in the round.

    Just remember always to think twice before ordering someone to dance the “moonwalk” at the barrel of a gun.

    An Idaho man has been hit with a felony assault charge for allegedly forcing another man to perform Michael Jackson’s signature “moonwalk” while having a rifle pointed at him, the Bonner County Daily Bee reported.

    Police accused John Ernest Cross, 30, of using an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle while issuing the bizarre order to mimic a dance the late King of Pop debuted back in 1983.

    Cross said during an initial court appearance that there was no rifle involved, only a pellet gun, the Daily Bee reported.

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    His bail was set at $20,000 and he was reportedly ordered to steer clear of the moonwalking victim.