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Man Survives Being Hit By Train

Note to self: Don't walk on the tracks



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    Jack Swanson has a tale to tell that few will ever believe.

    The 30-year-old was walking along the Union Pacific railroad tracks in the Central Valley town of Manteca when he heard the unmistakable sound of a train barreling his way.

    Swanson stepped off the tracks just in time -- but not completely out of the way. The train hit his arm and dragged him 50 feet down the tracks, according to the Modeato Bee.

    He managed to walk to safety and got medical help for a 6-inch gash on his arm. His arm might be also broken, the police told the paper.

    A scar and cast on his arm should be something Swanson proudly shows off as proof of his brush with death. Might it also serve as a reminder of where not to take a stroll.