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Man Who Tweeted About Sodomizing Michele Bachmann, Must Turn Over Identity

Judge says, while sometimes absurd, tweets with real-world threats must be taken seriously



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    Not a day goes by that someone doesn't get themselves in trouble on the Internet.

    Recently a man dubbed "Mr. X" by a U.S. District Court judge in Washington, D.C., has found himself in hot water for tweeting about unsettling things he'd like to do with Michele Bachmann and a machete.

    In August 2011, Mr. X wrote, "I want to f*** Michelle (sic) Bachmann in the a** with a Vietnam era machete."

    Chief Judge Royce Lamberth has decided Mr X's identity filed with Twitter, must be turned over to federal investigators due to the "real-world" possibility of his threat.

    In Lamberth's lengthy order, he admits most of Mr X's tweets are not in good taste and even compares them to something Andrew Dice Clay would produce, only not quite as creative.

    "Mr. X's body of tweets is extremely crude and in almost incomprehensibly poor taste. Occasionally political but consistently vacuous, his oeuvre represents an infantile attempt at humor that brings to mind the most obscene aspects of Andrew Dice Clay, but without even the infinitesimal modicum of artistic creativity that Mr. Clay managed to possess. The page is entirely without merit, comedic or otherwise. More offensive even than Mr. X's chosen vocabulary is the pathetic transparency and vapidity of his attempt to elicit the attention on the Internet that he surely lacks in real life.


    Mr. X filed to quash the motion to reveal his identity, arguing that his statements compare to something like "I want to put Michele Bachmann in a time machine and send her back to the middle ages where she belongs." or "I want to give Michele Bachman a kick in the a** that will sender her all the way to Mars."

    Lamberth disagrees.

    "What Mr. X is describing is the forcible insertion of an extremely sharp, real-world weapon into Ms. Bachmann's rectum, which, if performed, would undoubtedly cause serious bodily injury -- and likely death," the judge argued, pointing out that real-world threats must be taken seriously.

    You can read the entire document from Chief Judge Royce Lamberth here.

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