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Man Wins Free Cremation At Marin Minor League Baseball Game

Funeral Night prize was a free burial.



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    It's not every day you win a casket at the old ballgame.

    Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack -- and win me a free cremation.

    At the old ballgame in Marin County over the weekend, a 54-year old man won free cremation services, according to the Marin Independent Journal.

    The take-home prize was the jackpot at "Funeral Night" on Friday night at the San Rafael Pacifics, the independent pro team.

    One lucky fan at Funeral Night would take home a free cremation -- or a free casket, both of which would be held by Mount Tamalpais Mortuary and Cemetery for sakekeeping until the proper final time -- in return for writing the best obituary, the newspaper reported.

    Matt Kratoville, 54, and his sister Courtney Flavin penned the winning death notice. Their effort, in verse, follows.

    "There was once a fellow named Matt / A fan from his toes to his hat / To be very specific / His team was Pacifics / He thought anyone else was a rat / He was hit on the head by a foul / He was fanned by a fan with a towel / But he died the next day / And was buried away / With a smile on his face, not a scowl / The day of the playoffs it came / Matt's absence was really a shame / But he rose from the dead / With a flourish, he said, / 'I just couldn't miss the big game!'"

    In addition to the burial services, valued at up to $3,000, Kratoville also had his picture taken with the Grim Reaper, the newspaper reported.