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Mystery "Tips For Jesus" Big Tipper (Possibly) Revealed

Giver of $10,000 gratuities rumored to be a man from Silicon Valley.



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    Tips for Jesus Instagram page
    Valleywag is crediting Silicon Valley for the anonymous tipper's largesse.

    Tips for Jesus is human after all.

    And he's from Silicon Valley -- allegedly.

    A mystery man is serving restaurant servers with thousand-dollar tips -- and some cases $10,000 tips -- and calling himself Tips For Jesus. A strong case is being made that that man is Jack Selby, former VP of PayPal, according to Valleywag.

    @TipsForJesus has struck at Harris Restaurant in San Francisco and at Tacolicious, according to SF Weekly's Foodie.

    Valleywag, who "outed" Selby as the man behind the tips, has no real evidence, aside from some coy Facebook comments left by Selby alluding to the Tips For Jesus crusade.

    That said, it may not come as surprise that the someone crossing servers' palms with piles of cash is from Silicon Valley -- who else has that kind of scrill?