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Barefoot Vt. Governor Chased by 4 Hungry Bears

Gov. Peter Shumlin says he came within "three feet of getting 'arhhhh'"



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    Four black bears chased Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin in his backyard when he tried to keep them from raiding his birdfeeders, he told the Lebanon Valley News.

    Vermont should count its lucky stars.

    Had Gov. Peter Shumlin not just barely managed to outrun four hungry bears in his own backyard, the state might be out of a governor right now.

    Shumlin said he got out of bed Wednesday night to investigate noises coming from his Montpelier backyard and found four hungry bears raiding his birdfeeders, according to The Associated Press, citing a report by the Lebanon Valley News.

    He tried to chase the two adult bears and two cubs away, but undeterred, they kept coming back for the bird food — and one of them charged him on his porch.

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    Shumlin told the Lebanon Valley News that he came within "three feet of getting 'arhhh,'" which doesn't sound good. Vermont "almost lost the governor," he said.

    Shumlin might have done well to heed the old advice about bears: Don't mess with a mama bear with her cubs!