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Bank Robber Nabbed Red Handed At Strip Club

Police used bills covered in red dye to locate alleged bank robber.



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    A bank robber in Michigan was caught red handed after allegedly using the stolen cash to pay for lap dances at a strip club on Sunday.

    Police said Todd Jason Kettler, 37, hung bills covered in red dye on strippers' G-strings at Angel’s Gentlemen’s club in Kalamazoo Township on Sunday, The Detroit Free Press reported. A manager noticed the oddly colored currency and called the cops.

    Three days earlier, Charter One Bank outside Detroit was held up, according to the Kalamazoo Gazette. Kettler was arrested in connection with the robbery and arraigned on six counts, including three felony firearms charges, two armed robbery charges and one bank robbery count. He was being held on $1 million bond, ahead of a planned Oct. 15 court appearance.

    Dye packs are commonly used by banks to track stolen money. Generally set on a 10-minute timer, the pack explodes after the thief exits the bank, coating the cash with the incriminating red dye.