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Stumped Homeowners Accuse "Cleaning Fairy" of Breaking and Tidying

Home intruder took nothing but dust bunnies and left nothing but bills



    An Ohio woman who breaks into homes, cleans them, and leaves a $75 bill for the unsolicited job. (Published Wednesday, May 30, 2012)

    One family's "cleaning fairy" may have sounded like a dream — until they got the bill.

    A mysterious woman broke into a Cleveland-area house just to tidy up — to the tune of $75, according to a note she left.

    One day while Sherry Bush wasn't at her Westlake, Ohio, home and her daughter was asleep upstairs, While was out and her daughter was asleep upstairs, somebody broke into the house, Cleveland NBC affiliate WKYC reported.

    But the intruder took nothing but the trash, some dust and some dirt with her.

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    "There were some coffee mugs that my husband had out," a stunned Bush said when she got home. "She had washed them all."

    The intruder also put away toys, vacuumed and took out the trash. She then left a note on a napkin on the table identifying herself as Sue Warren, sharing her phone number and charging $75 for her unsolicited services.

    Bush figured when she found the note in her immaculate home that Warren had accidentally cleaned the wrong house, but when she called the mysterious cleaning lady, Warren corrected her.

    "I said, what happened, did you get the wrong house? She said, 'No, I do this all the time.' I said, What do you mean? She said, 'I just stop and clean your house,'" Bush told WKYC.

    Warren also reportedly told police investigators that she had made a habit of entering strangers' homes to clean.

    Warren already has charges pending against her in the nearby town of Beachwood for her alleged criminal trespassing into a house in need of a scrubbing.

    No charges have been filed against her yet in Westlake.