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Loose Chimpanzees Roam Las Vegas, Baffle Locals

Cops don't know where the chimps escaped from



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    A pair of loose chimpanzees roamed Las Vegas on Thursday before being captured by cops.

    Two chimpanzees spent part of Thursday afternoon on the loose in Las Vegas before cops captured one and shot the other, local media reported Thursday.

    "The chimpanzee situation is now under control," the police department tweeted.

    Cops earlier said that an officer had shot at and hit one of the animals while the other kept roaming the northwestern part of the city, local NBC affiliate News 3 reported. It was later captured and tranquilized.

    Police responded to the scene after hearing reports from locals. They don't know how the creatures got loose or where they usually live, News 3 reported.

    Ann Road from Jones Boulevard to Bradley Road was closed while cops contained the apes with the help of animal control officers, according to News 3. Cops asked people to avoid the area during their search.