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Human Limb Found in Luggage at Bucharest Airport

One Bucharest airport security official made a grisly discovery in a would-be passenger's luggage.



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    Airport security officials in Bucharest, Romania, discovered part of a human limb in one man's luggage.

    Don't envy the Bucharest airport's security officials their jobs.

    Part of a human lower limb was found in a man's luggage when he passed through security at the Romanian capital's international airport, the British newspaper the Telegraph reported, citing AFP.

    "The fragment of a human body was discovered during the first security check on the airport, and the owner of the bag was held on the spot," a spokesman for Romania's intelligence service told AFP.

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    Prosecutors said all possible leads were being examined. Prosecutors, police and criminologists were all sent to the airport upon the grisly discovery, they said.

    The owner of the bag was a Chinese national, according to news agency Mediafax.

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    This isn't Bucharest's first discovery of body parts in luggage. In the 1990s, the bodies of four Chinese people were found inside suitcases, two in a car and two floating in a lake, according to AFP.