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19-Year-Old Busted Using Bouncer's Stolen ID at Bar

The bouncer immediately recognized his own driver's license as the student handed it over



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    A Chicago teen was busted in his college town in Iowa for trying to get into a bar with somebody else's ID — the bouncer's.

    An underaged college student was busted trying to get into a bar with a driving license that didn't belong to him — but did belong to the bouncer checking IDs at the door.

    Steven J. Fiorella, a 19-year-old student at the University of Iowa who originally hails from Chicago, handed over a stolen license, trying to pass it off as his own to go drinking around 1 a.m. Saturday, the Iowa City Press-Citizen reported.

    The trouble, according to the paper, was that the bouncer immediately recognized the face on the ID as his own.

    Fiorella also had the bouncer's debit card and AAA membership card on him. He told the cops he bought all of them for $20 at a party after they were reported stolen in February.

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    Fiorella was charged with fifth-degree theft and unlawful use of another person's ID, according to the Press-Citizen.