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Meteor Lights Up Canadian Sky

Edmonton police cruiser catches huge fireball on camera



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    The meteor that lit up Canada last Thursday was the largest such event in more than a decade.

    Scientists are still looking for fragments of a meteor that burned across the Canadian sky Thursday evening. Reports of a fireball in the sky spread from Edmonton to Regina--- for those not versed in Canadian geography that's about 800 miles apart, or the same distance as Manhattan to Chicago.

    A police cruiser captured the fireball on video.

    Planetary scientist Alan Hildebrand from the University of Calgary told a Canadian newspaper that it was likely the largest meteor to streak across the country in more than a decade.

    Hildebrand is in the midst of interviewing witnesses and trying to track down fragments of the meteor.

    “Right now, the important thing is not searching because we don't know which field to search in. It's a big world,” Mr. Hildebrand said. “What's important now is finding proximal eyewitnesses, so you know where meteorites might have fallen.”