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OMG, There Are Worms in My Candy Bar!

"I don't like creepy crawly things"



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    Sarah Iglesias
    This is what Sarah Iglesias said she found when she was snacking on one of the mini candy bars.

    Every so often, there are food stories that make everyone want to cringe and spit out whatever they're eating. This is one of those stories.

    Sarah Iglesias said she bought a bag of Annabelle's mini Rocky Road candy bars about a week ago from a San Jose CVS drug store. She and her boyfriend ate most of the candy bars in the bag and when she was eating one of the last ones, she made the creepy crawly discovery.

    Here's a little taste of the tip she sent us via email:

    I discovered a worm like creature crawling on one of the candies. When the candy bar was broken open I found more of the worms. They look like maggots. I put the candy in a plastic bag. I of course contacted Annabelle's the name of the company who makes the candy.

    Iglesias said she "freaked out" when she saw the little white worm and immediately texted her boyfriend about the discovery. "I don't like creepy crawly things," she told us by phone.

    The representative from Annabelle's asked her to send them pictures of the unknown surprise and even offered to give her some of their products for free. As you can imagine, she answered with a firm -- no worm -- "NO!"

    She said the company told her someone would be calling back Friday but so far, she hasn't heard a word. We'll be keeping tabs on this one. In the meantime, take a look at the pictures of the suspicious snack. What do you think? Could these little additives be maggots?