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Overstayed Welcome Lands House Guest in E.R.



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    Mr. T, Flickr
    Can't get your house guests to leave? Put a mat outside the door that gets right to the point.

    There are plenty of ways a homeowner can let a house guest know he's no longer welcome. But police say one Bay Area man decided to take a violent approach to ejecting a friend who stayed too long.

    Donald Dunlevy was ready for his friend to leave his mobile home. When he refused, the two got physical -- fists flew and the fight eventually turned into a squabble over money, the Contra Costa Times reported.

    Dunlevy pulled out a gun and used a bullet to settle the debt, police said.

    Now the house guest is staying a new place -- the hospital, where he was listed in critical condition.

    Dunlevy got to spend some quality time with the law after they arrested him on assault charges.

    Photo from Mr.T, via Flickr.