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East Texas "Panty Burglar" Strikes Again



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    Authorities say the theft of women's lingerie this week from a home in Angelina County in East Texas may be the latest in a two-year string of break-ins blamed on an intruder they've dubbed the "Panty Burglar."

    Angelina County Sheriff's Lt. Pete Maskunas said the most recent burglary Tuesday has raised concerns because the thief also left with underwear belonging to a 5-year-old.

    Maskunas tells The Lufkin Daily News the sexual nature of the items taken, particularly now with juvenile underwear taken, "ups the ante" for authorities who believe they're dealing with someone with a fetish and perversion.

    Sheriff Greg Sanches said nearly a dozen homes have been broken into over two years where only lingerie was reported missing. Other than that, investigators said they have little to go on.