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Boredom Turns To Tears at Bay Area DMV



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    Santa Rosa DMV closed after pepper spray attack.

    Boredom turned to tears for some DMV patrons Monday morning when a man unleashed a can of pepper spray inside the packed DMV office.  In the end, four people were sent to the hospital.  Everybody else had to go home with their unregistered vehicles, expired licenses and smog checks in hand. 

    The facility won't reopen until Tuesday.

    It all started with an argument between two men.   Witnesses say one of them pulled out a can of pepper spray and let loose.

    Both men ran off, presumably with their DMV paperwork in hand, before police arrived.

    More than 60 employees and customers were inside the building at the time and nearly everyone got a whiff of pepper.  

    Those closest to the fight got a lot more than a noseful.

    Besides the small group who went the ER, nine others were treated at the scene by fire and ambulance responders.

    The CHP said they have identified at least one of the two men involved but will not release any names until they’re brought into custody.

    The Santa Rosa DMV will remain closed Monday while the pepper spray dissipates and cleaning crews work to clear the air.