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Real-Life Jurassic Park Pursued



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    On occasion, the dinosaurs of "Jurassic Park" were unruly and unpredictable.

    Surely a billionaire can afford to watch "Jurassic Park" on-demand and skip to the end: it doesn't end well. Nonetheless, Australian wealthy person and resort developer Clive Palmer is reportedly hoping to clone a dinosaur for his new hotel in Australia.

    The Sunshine Coast Daily writes that Palmer has been in "deep discussions" with the scientists who cloned Dolly the sheep back in 1996.

    Some of Palmer's other interests include wanting to duplicate a version of the Titanic and accusing Greenpeace of being funded by the CIA.

    Palmer hopes to build his Palmer Resort in Coolum, a beach town in Queensland, Australia. The resort is rumored to feature a 2-story sky needle and a giant, London Eye-style ferris wheel.

    There is a news conference on Friday to confirm or deny these speculations.