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San Francisco's Pigeons Are Tougher Than Yours

Alert camerman catches equivorous birds in the act



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    Jon Pruett
    Beware of killer pigeons in San Francisco.

    A word of advice: Don't mess with San Francisco's pigeons.

    The rats with wings will apparently kill in order to survive if they have to. Jon Pruett caught the City's deadly birds just moments after they took down what appeared to be a horse (or maybe a heifer) on 24th Street near Harrison Street in San Francisco's already rough-and-tumble Mission district.

    By the time the amateur cameraman got to the scene, all that was left of the poor victim was its skull and some bones. Pruett said there were no seasonings or spices added to the remains.

    "No, it was just carcass and pigeons," he said. "I really have no idea what was going on with that skull."

    Pruett was smart enough to leave the area before the pigeons could make a news story out of him. But he was brave enough to take some pictures and send them to popular San Francisco blog Mission Mission, which tipped us off to the story.