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San Rafael Woman Convicted in Toilet Tank Lid Attack

'I intended on causing injury' woman said after knocking boyfriend's teeth out.



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    The woman just didn't want to have sex with her boyfriend.

    After a violent toilet tank lid attack against her boyfriend, a San Rafael woman was convicted of assault and battery charges Friday.

    Alexandra Elizabeth Todd, 21, could do up to seven years in prison for the incident that happened last October.

    It all started when Todd invited her boyfriend back to her apartment after a poker game, The Marin Independent Journal reported.

    There was some playful chit chat and tussling, until Todd felt threatened when her boyfriend started pinching her and sticking his finger in her mouth, according to the woman's lawyer, Pedro Oliveros. Then the boyfriend started taking off his clothes.

    "When he sat up in his boxers, I had only one though in my mind, which is that he wanted to have sex with me," Todd testified. "I intended on causing injury."

    So she went into the restroom, grabbed the toilet tank lid, and came out swinging.

    First, Todd smashed her boyfriend in the back of the head with the toilet tank lid, the Journal reported. Then she popped him in the face, knocking out three teeth in the process.

    The jury convicted Todd of assault with intent to cause great bodily injury as well as assault with intent to cause serious bodily injury.

    "He never saw it coming," said Deputy District Attorney Namita Bhatt.

    Todd is in custody until sentencing.