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College Pays Students Not to Attend

Ithaca College giving away as much as $10K to would-be freshman.



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    Brady McHale
    For 31 freshman at Ithaca College, delaying the start of the fall semester could pay off.

    Ithaca College is giving 31 students as much as $10,000 not to attend the school.

    The upstate New York college admitted 250 more students than it could support after it was faced with a decline in enrollment last year that forced the school to review its admissions policies.

    Though a temporary dorm, which cost 2.5 million to build, is helping alleviate some of the problem, the school still does not have enough room for the 31 students. The solution: Ithaca College is offering them as much as $10,000 to put off enrollment until next fall.   

    Ithaca had hoped to enroll no more than 1,750 freshman but found themselves with a class of 2,027 for this fall.

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