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Sleeping Woman Left on Plane for Cleaning Crew to Find

Ginger McGuire's extended shut eye on a redeye gives airline a black eye



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    Ginger McGuire was trying to get some sleep on her redeye flight from Washington, D.C. to Philadelphia. She got a little more sleep than she expected.

    A Detroit-area radio station and local cable channel employee, McGuire woke up on a United Airlines Express plane around 4 a.m., United Airlines spokesman Charlie Hobart confirmed.

    McGuire’s flight landed in Philadelphia at 12:27 a.m.

    If not for the early morning cleaning crew that discovered McGuire at 3:50 a.m., it is unknown how long she would have been slumbering alone on an empty plane.

    Airline officials are trying to figure out how McGuire was left aboard a flight that landed for several hours--a security breach, in as much as it means that United Airlines flight 8080’s crew was not alert enough to realize.

    United Airlines says they're working with a regional partner carrier to determine why the plane wasn't cleared upon landing.