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Snakes (Almost) On a Plane



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    That old adage about life imitating art rings true once again.

    Enough is enough. We have got to get these snakes off these planes.

    Australian baggage screeners have caught a man attempting to smuggle 44 snakes and lizards on a plane to Bangkok, according to a report.

    The slithery snakes and lizards were stuffed inside socks and other goodies inside a 24-year-old’s suitcase, Britain’s Daily Telegraphreported.

    X-ray scanners helped disrupt the smuggler’s plan to sell his bounty, which included 24 shingleback lizards, 16 bluetongue lizards, three black-headed pythons and an albino carpet python.

    The rare python alone could fetch about $13,000.

    Believe it or not, snakes have reaped havoc on planes in the past.

    “I’ve got a handful of snake, and I’ve got a handful of plane,” pilot Monty Coles told an air traffic controller back in the day when a black serpent slithered out of his instrument panel and then coiled on his arm, he told USA Today.

    Luckily Coles was able to land his four-seater.

    Good thing that latest batch of snakes didn’t make it on the plane to Bangkok cause Samuel L. Jacksonprobably wasn’t around to fight them.