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TMI About Fido and Other Fine Furried Friends



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    If you want to get grossed out, visit Berkeley this weekend.

    It turns out our fine furried friends aren't so cute and cuddly after all.

    Especially not after you've visited Animal Grossology at Berkeley's Lawrence Hall of Science. 

    The gross factor is extremely high at this one.

    The new exhibit lets you touch and sniff your way into the animal world of the blood, saliva and poop.  You end up leaving with way too much information about topics you never knew you wanted to learn more about. 

    For instance, why does Fido always stick his nose in another pup's you know what?  Short answer:  That is the way they communicate.  Duh.

    How and why do cats spit up fur balls?  Why did people long ago use houseflies to cure baldness?  How often does a housefly pee?  The answer to that one is more often than you want to know.  And,  just how long is that tapeworm that's been siphoning all the nutrients from your tummy?  (Spoiler alert:  Up to 60 feet!)

    The exhibit is very visual, highly interactive, geared towards kids and intensely informative.   Adults pick up the kind of tidbits that they can use at a cocktail party as a conversation grenade.

    Animal Grossology runs through the first week of September.