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Teenage Killer May Become Neighborhood Butler

Penalty for teen who fled the scene of a deadly crash: perform a few odd jobs around the neighborhood.



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    Some killers get life behind bars or the death penalty. Others are simply sentenced to work a few odd jobs for a while.

    A 17-year-old Cloverdale driver who killed an 83-year-old in a crosswalk and then sped away faces an unusual punishment. He's been spared jail time in favor of "restorative justice," a practice that might include performing handyman and housekeeping for neighbors. Such neighborhood duties were performed by the victim before the boy killed him a few days after Christmas.

    The teen must also abide by a curfew, returning to his home by 9pm and attending school.

    The details are still not quite done deal. The victim's family would need to approve of the punishment, according to the Press Democrat. That family has already been harshly critical of prosecutors, who initially charged the teen with a simple hit-and-run.

    According to a judge, the boy's age was a factor in reducing the penalty for the vehicular manslaughter charge.

    If he completes his sentence over the next few months, then prosecutors have said that they will drop the case.