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San Francisco Band's $100,000 Box Set Comes in a Refrigerator



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    "Tripmonster," a fan of the Residents who lives in Indiana, receives his $100,000 "Ultimate Box Set."

    The Residents, a San Francisco-based music and avant-garde art collective whose debut album came out nearly 40 years ago, is tempting its most devoted fans with a new box set: It comes in a refrigerator and sells for $100,000.

    The fridge, stuffed to the gills with 150 of the band's effects, including first-pressings of every major release from the group, plus the group's iconic eyeball mask, was signed, sealed and delivered to a fan known as "Tripmonster," who lives in Bloomington, Ind., earlier this month.

    The sale, announced via a "video press release" from Cryptic Corporation president Homer Flynn (who does the group's PR), was also filmed for a Residents documentary.

    It appears there were a total of 10 Ultimate Box Sets made, though the rest are apparently headed to art museums and other such institutions. Each box set contains one eyeball mask, of which there were 11 to begin with, according to the group's Web site.

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