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Thief Steals Chinese-Food Deliveryman's Car, Makes Deliveries



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    After stealing the car of a Chinese-food deliveryman, in West Hartford, Connecticut, on Friday night, Keith Hinds decided that he could make a few extra bucks by making the remaining deliveries himself. And that ambitious decision would soon lead to his arrest.

    When the Chinese-food delivery driver realized that his car had been stolen at Bristow Middle School—he had left it running—he called the police. He also told his boss to inform the restaurant’s customers that they won’t be getting their orders, because of the car theft. But it turned out that one of the orders had already been delivered, presumably by the car thief. And more followed.

    Because the last two deliveries by the thief had been made in Hartford, local police there were notified by the West Hartford Police Department, and the thief, Keith Hinds, was subsequently arrested and charged with larceny.

    Hinds was also in possession of a joint, a crack pipe, and some Seroquel antipsychotic drug in a bag, and was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of less than half an ounce of marijuana, and failure to keep drugs in the original container, according to the West Hartford Police Department report.

    The car was returned to the driver in Hartford.