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Trade of Marijuana for "Awesome" Ski Boat Leads to Jail

A Eureka man is in jail after his Internet trade of pot for a boat landed on police's radar.



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    Not a good trade for a boat, it turns out.

    A Northern California man is in jail after the trade he'd engineered -- marijuana for an "awesome" ski boat -- turned out to be a swap with police.

    Billy Jack Pierce III, 33, of Eureka, was in Butte County posting ads on Craigslist offering to trade a ski boat in Oroville -- worth $8,750, according to the Chico Enterprise-Record -- for cash or marijuana, according to reports.

    Cops posing as people interested in ski boats with marijuana to spare contacted Pierce and offered to set up a trade.

    He was arrested Friday. The boat, a 26-foot 1992 Mirage that "runs great, looks awesome" and is "ready to hit the water" is reportedly still available.