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Vending Machine Replaces Grocery Stores in English Town



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    A store in an English village has been replaced by this giant vending machine - March 23, 2014.

    Vending machines are not just for snacks and soda.

    In the English town of Clifton, a giant vending machine has replaced grocery stores. Residents can use this machine to stock up on everyday essentials like food and shampoo--and even pet food.

    The machine takes cash and credit cards.

    The village's last grocery store closed more than a decade ago, and residents are forced to travel as far as 20 miles to the nearest store.

    Residents now stock up on essentials with this machine to tide them over until their next big store. The vending machine sells 80 products, including eggs, milk and bacon, and was designed by a local electrical engineer.

    It is located in the parking lot of a local pub and has been positively received by villagers.

    "I think it's definitely the way forward," Clifton resident Andrew Shirley said. "It provides what you need, it stops you from driving into town and having to park and all of that. So it's really good."

    "People can walk here. You know, just get a few bits and pieces, to tide them over till the next week's shop, so it's ideal," another resident Tammy Shirley said.

    According to the Rural Stores Alliance, about 300 village stores close down in the United Kingdom each year.