From Burning Man to the Embarcadero

San Francisco's Embarcadero is the launching pad for an unusual art sculpture that is set to blast off this week.

The Raygun Gothic Rocket Ship is a 40 foot silver vessel straight out of a Jules Verne novel.  It will take up shop in the spot recently held by a scary metal spider along the waterfront.

Artist Alan Rorie is the man behind rocket.  He's been making last minute finishing touches in an Oakland warehouse ahead of the unveiling.

"To us these are big toys. Big erector sets. And then we get to go out and put em together," Rorie said.

Built by the Oakland art collective "5 Ton Crane," the rocket made its premier at the BurningMan Arts Festival last year.   It's also made stops in San Mateo and Moffett Field.

The Port of San Francisco and Black Rock Arts, which is Burning Man's public arts wing, helped arrange for it to take up the Embarcadero sidewalk location. 

The artists will begin installing it next Tuesday, with a dedication party scheduled for Friday. The Rocket ship will hover along the Bay  for the next 14 months. 

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