Lady Gaga Cruises Through the Mission

Was it all a dream? Pop star pops up near 25th Street BART station before vanishing as quickly as she came.

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Bloggers breathlessly reported a Lady Gaga sighting last week in the Mission, and now new details have emerged regarding the celebrity's show-stopping visit to a local sausage fest.

According to Claire, an employee of Rosamunde's, a sausage-themed restaurant near 24th and Mission, Gaga and her entourage (which included bodyguards and boyfriend Luc Karl of stopped by last Wednesday at 1:30. They were on the prowl for burritos, but settled for a few drinks, and passed the time simply chatting.

Gaga took a particular interest in Claire's handmade jewelry. The waitress just happens to be an expert metalsmithing -- in real life, not like in World of Warcraft -- and makes her own adornments. Gaga asked for some samples, but Claire didn't have any handy. They made plans for Claire to drop off a few trinkets later in the evening at Gaga's dinner stop; but the pop star stood her up. When Claire arrived at a rendezvous point on the Embarcadero, Gaga was nowhere to be seen. So, Gaga, if you're listening, drop Claire a line over on Facebook.

Who knows, the two women might be destined to become fast friends. Gaga would probably approve of Claire's rebellious past: back in high school, she was in a scooter gang.

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