Mysterious Fire Truck Found at Desert's Edge

The inhabitants included a hitchhiker, a dead owl, a baby skunk, and an elk's head

Attention: David Lynch.

Not sure where to file this snippet of news, but it's just weird enough to be the beginning of a really good-but-strange story.

At the bottom of the front page of Wednesday's San Bernardino County Sun is the report of what appeared to be a 36-foot, red fire truck -- complete with emergency lights, ladder and sirens -- found stopped in the desert darkness at the southern edge of Joshua Tree National Park.

No license plate. No registration. And no soot-stained firefighters. Not even freshly showered ones!

Instead, park rangers discovered a dead animal collection and three living people, one of whom claimed to be a hitchhiker, who, I'm guessing, hadn't seen any other vehicles for weeks before saying "yes" to that ride. (Brings to mind a line from Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. "We're your friends. We're not like the others, man, really.")

Among the various carrion items were "owls, hawks, an elk's head and a baby skunk," says The Sun.

Seriously, Mr. Lynch, please help us.

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