Naked Bikers Invade the City

Cyclists strip down to get you to strip off your dependence on oil.

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Gabrielle Coleman
Activists (and nude enthusiasts) stripped down and pedaled around San Francisco for the 7th annual World Naked Bike Ride to protest our dependance on fossil fuels.
Gabrielle Coleman
These rides, described as a nude critical mass, are held around the world – from Australia, to Belgium, to Taiwan. This one started at Justin Herman Plaza and made different length loops around the city to places like Lombard Street and the Palace of Fine Arts.
Gabrielle Coleman
San Francisco riders focused their protest on the ongoing BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
Gabrielle Coleman
This was Julianne Pasco’s first time at this event, though she’s a 3 time Bay to Breakers veteran. There were very few women at this event, and even fewer who went “full Monte” like Pasco.
Gabrielle Coleman
Julianne Pasco (in photo) and her husband, Rich, coordinate the nudist group, Bay Area Naturalists. They were moved to come here by the crisis in the Gulf and by their own naturalist beliefs. Says Julianne, “In our society, we have body shame and I’m here to protest that, too.”
Gabrielle Coleman
Makeup artists from FaceFX were on hand to help with the very personal protest signs.
Gabrielle Coleman
Said rider Rich Pasco, "Going without clothing shows man's unity with nature and our vulnerability as a species."
Gabrielle Coleman
Gabrielle Coleman
These two bandits prefered to remain anonymous for job security, but couldn’t resist the lure of the ride. Said the gentleman in the red and black, “It seemed like a pretty San Francisco thing to do.”
Gabrielle Coleman
Said the gentleman in the white, “I tried to get a lot more people, but many were warded off by the dangerous biking or the nudity…. not to mention the road rash if you do take a spill!”
He was planning to meet his conservative SoCal mom for lunch right after this (minus the pre-ride bike shorts, of course.)
Gabrielle Coleman
Libby Alessio of Ohio couldn’t leave without getting her photo taken with one of the riders. Alessio was in town visiting her daughter and stumbled on the group while on a walk with her 13-year-old grandson. (He hid as far away as possible.)
Gabrielle Coleman
This gentleman has been to the event so many times, the body painters had a special stencil made for him. He belongs to a nudist group called the Golden Bares.
Gabrielle Coleman
There were some actual fossil fuel protesters. Vanessa (in photo) is originally from Spain and has riden in the Madrid event several times. She says the women-to-men ratio is better there at about 30 to 70.
Gabrielle Coleman
Gabrielle Coleman
Daniel, who was helping herd the group, drives a car that runs on vegetable oil.
Jeanette (left) and Linda Cazares of Alameda had been here to visit the farmers' market, when they overheard someone talking about "naughty people" nearby and dashed over to take a look. Laughed Linda, "It's definitely an awkward mother-daughter bonding moment!" (They thought they had spotted a neighbor getting ready to ride, but hadn't decided whether or not to say "hi.")
Telemundo San Antonio
The group gets ready to go at Justin Herman Plaza.
Gabrielle Coleman
About 100 bikers circled Justin Herman Plaza several times before heading out on their route.
Gabrielle Coleman
Gabrielle Coleman
Toni Guinyard
Gabrielle Coleman
Naked luchadors care about the environment, too.
Toni Guinyard
Gabrielle Coleman
San Francisco's World Naked Bike Ride group heads out onto the Embarcadero to begin their protest ride through the city.
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