O.C. City Moves to Eclipse Amtrak Mooning

It's an annual tradition.  July 11 is "Moon Over Amtrak" day.  Thousands of people have done it, for the past 30 years.  But the city of Laguna Niguel wants it to stop.

They can't "ban" mooning, but they did just take other steps to cut down on the chaos.  Tuesday night the Laguna Niguel city council voted to ban consuming alcohol in public and urinating in public.  They hope that cuts down the rowdy behavior near the Amtrak tracks.

City officials say it's gotten crazier over the years.  People are taking the clothes off, having sex, urinating in public and baring their breasts to passing trains. The mooners even have their own Web site.

Apparently Mugs Away Saloon is a popular place to hit before the mooning event.  But this year police will block streets so revelers can't access the tracks in front of that bar.

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