SoCal Man Finds Jesus in Rock

Do you see Jesus in this rock?

A business owner in Redlands, Calif., says he's found an image of Jesus in a rock embedded in his store counter.

Jonathan Garcia, proprietor of "Cali Style,"  said his employee, named "Smokey," first pointed it out to him.

"It looks like a picture of -- could be a Jesus Christ -- like a picture or something," Garcia said.

He said the Christ-like cropping was all "natural rock."

"I got artists that do all kinds of drawings and they couldn't even do anything close to nothing like that," Garcia told NBCLA.

"I see a swollen eye and a lesser swollen eye," Erik "Smokey" Jones told the Contra Costa Times. "This here is thorns on his head."

The counter has been in place for years, but the image wasn't noticed until about two months ago, the Contra Costa Times reported.

The paper also noted that Garcia also owns a "THC Smoke Shop" next door.  We're just saying...

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