Secret Chiefs 3 Kick Off John Zorn Yoshi’s SF Residency

Bay Area locals Secret Chiefs 3 heeded the call for two shows Tuesday night at Yoshi's SF playing music written by John Zorn under the title of Masada to kick off a 6-night Zorn/Masada residency.

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Trey Spruance, leader of Secret Chiefs 3, plays his 9-string baritone guitar.
Josh Keppel
Secret Chiefs 3 Kick Off John Zorn Yoshi's SF Residency.
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Jason Schimmel, guitarist of Santa Cruz's Estradasphere on right, plays with bassist Shahzad Ismaily on left with hat.
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Bay Area locals Secret Chiefs 3 heeded the call for two shows Tuesday night playing music written by John Zorn under the title Masada.
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From left to right, keyboardist Jai Young Kim, violinist Timb Harris, sarangi player Rich Doucette.
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Secret Chiefs 3 have left the area for a two-week tour with North Bay resident Les Claypool, but fortunately for us here in the Bay Area, we've still got John Zorn out from New York for a few more nights
Josh Keppel
Rich Doucette played a sarangi, a stringed instrument that sits in your lap and when played with a bow sounds like a person singing a creepy-ish whine.
Josh Keppel
I overheard someone during the show say that drummer Ches Smith was one of the best drummers they'd ever seen, and I can see why they'd say that with Zorn's challenging compositions filled with musical changes, mid-song genera bending, and start-stop timing that Smith and bassist Shahzad Ismaily fearlessly powering through all night.
Josh Keppel
Trey Spruance, the Obi-Wan Kenobi of experimental jazz, or "new music" as I saw someone say.
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Timb Harris, violinist for Secret Chiefs 3 as well as Estradasphere.
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Trey Spruance on right with Jason Schimmel on left in light colored shirt.
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Wu Fei, the only woman on stage, plucked away at a 6-foot long Chinese instrument called a Guzheng.
Josh Keppel
Jai Young Kim on keyboards.
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Trey Spruance brings his band Secret Chiefs 3 to open John Zorn's Masada residency at the SF Yoshi's.
Josh Keppel
Trey Spruance, back left in dark shirt, guitarist from Mr. Bungle, lead his band Secret Chiefs 3 through two packed house shows on Tuesday night, with Zorn and Mike Patton, lead singer of Mr. Bungle, and recently reunited Faith No More, watching from the crowd.
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After the show, Wu Fei answers questions about her Chinese insturment called a guzheng.
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Jen Kida and Teddie Braud take little Jonah Braud to the Secret Chiefs 3 show, his first concert ever.
Josh Keppel
Inside Yoshi's restaurant.
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