Treatbot Karaoke Ice Cream Truck Mangled, Driver Walks Away

You'll have to find somewhere else to get your ice cream - and karaoke.

One of San Jose's popular Treatbot's "karaoke ice cream trucks of the future" is now destroyed - after it barrel-rolled twice, on Interstate Highway 280 near Palo Alto on Tuesday morning.

The California Highway Patrol said the truck was headed north when it was  cut off, forcing the driver to swerve and lose control. The driver was able to walk away without getting hurt.

After the crash, Treatbot tweeted out this image of the mangled truck.

While this this truck is a total loss, the company is putting the finishing touches on a second truck that will be rolling out soon."Long live Treatbot!" the company posted on Facebook. "We will rebuild." 

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Treatbot fans have been tweeting about the crash – including @FoodTruckNerd" who said: “Proves what I suspected all along, @Treatbot is a brave and loyal Transformer who protected his human.' Roll out and Godspeed."

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